The geography of gender

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women across all areas of society. It is also a call to action. It is a day to recognise that while significant progress has been made in the status of women around the world, a huge amount of work remains if genderContinue reading “The geography of gender”


Belonging in Britain

This time I’m trying something different, with a visual journey. Across the UK minorities form clusters, both spatial (e.g. where they live) and social (e.g. friendship groups, clubs based around nationality or sexual orientation). Here I give some background on why this happens, and why we should celebrate rather than integrate these diverse communities. SwipeContinue reading “Belonging in Britain”

Rights and riots

LGBT+ History Month is marked at different times in different countries, but in the UK this falls in February. Some may ask why, though, if we have made progress as a society – however imperfect – it is needed. Why don’t we focus on the future instead of also looking to the past? Why doContinue reading “Rights and riots”

Sticks and stones

We tell children that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That sentiment may be admirable, but the reality is far more complex. Two weeks ago the North American Scrabble Players Association announced that they will ban derogatory slurs that target people based on characteristics such as race, genderContinue reading “Sticks and stones”

Finding my voice

First off, thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first post, and since this site is all about diversity I’d like to begin with a rundown on some diversity-related stats about me. I’m 35. I’m a white man and I grew up in a middle-class home with a mum and a dad and aContinue reading “Finding my voice”